About Windyweek

Our story

In late 2013, our founder was out for a 4-days windsurfing session on Limnos Island, Greece. Although the conditions were good (despite the cold), what he wanted at that time was more accurate forecast. With his math and computer science background and his domain expertise, he came to the natural conclusion:

We must build more reliable and precise wind forecasting service. Wind forecast for ourselves and for our friends. A service that is reliable, is as accurate as possible, and also provides modern functionality and vision. A service that is made for you.

The Mission

Our mission is to help you - either a windsurfer, a kitesurfer or just a wind junkie guy to get the most accurate wind forecast for any place across Europe.
We truly believe we can change your surfer's life for good.

Meet the team

Ivan Kotev Founder and CEO

Passionate windsurfer and hard believer. Loves to build meaningful things. He never gives up in what he's doing.

Nevin Yuseinova Co-Founder. QA and Product Management.

She truly believes that a great product is never possible without a great user experience. The master chef in the team!

Viktoriya Masheva Co-Founder. Software Engineer and Graphics Guru.

Her vast interests range from music to programming and from art to business. Obsessed with high quality products and stunning designs.

Our Partners